Hideaway Cabinet

Organize Your Area

The entryway bench provides a central location to store and organize shoes, coats, bags and more. Use this in breezeways and mudrooms, or even inside the house – its contemporary look transforms cluttered entries. A woodgrain bench panel complements the black anodize profiles while the floor glides can be used on a range of surfaces, from concrete to carpet. Lower mesh paneling for shoes and boots allows air flow and prevents water and moisture from collecting.

Hideaway Cabinet

Tailored to Your Tastes

Design your entryway bench to fit your space, preferences and capacity requirements. Add additional shelves, move hooks, incorporate drawers or even turn the bench into a storage chest. This solution is completely adaptable to your needs.

Strong and DurableXDIY1708

Anchor fasteners provide strong,
long-lasting connections that are easy to assemble.

Level it OutXDIY1708

Furniture glides work well on a
variety of floor surfaces, from carpet to concrete.

Allow Air FlowXDIY1708

Wire mesh lower panel provides ventilation and prevents water and mud accumulation.

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