80/20: Making It Move

Modularity Changing with the World

To compete in today’s quickly changing global markets, businesses must become increasingly flexible and efficient. Robotics and automation are helping to boost productivity and reduce waste through scalability.

The open T-slots on 80/20’s profiles allow you to mount your components; from motors to sensors to measuring systems, add accessories that can easily be repositioned and adjusted as needed. Power supplies, wires, tubes, and cables can also be recessed within the T-slot channel, improving organization and safety as well as providing a cleaner-looking application.

Safety is an important consideration in any robotic application and 80/20 has the products to provide you with a guard or enclosure that fits the design of your robots and your requirements.

  1. Actuators
  2. Enclosures
  3. FIRST Robotics Team Projects
  4. Guarding
  5. Industrial Robot Frames
  6. Robotic Arms
  7. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  8. Vision Guided Robotics Systems
  9. Much More!

Robotics Infographic

Download this infographic to find out more about the "Top 7 Benefits of Integrated Robotic Automation" and how 80/20 can help you achieve higher productivity and give you flexibility to changes in the future.

Robotics Infographic

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  • Robotics Infographic

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