Adaptable Solutions

Suited for an Ever-Changing Field

Optimal laboratory layouts accommodate change without overbuild and are capable of a quick response as requirements evolve over time. 80/20 enables you to scale your processes to conform to your projects. It also means that when the time comes to modify activities or redesign your space, you’ll be able to implement quickly and efficiently.

80/20 has a wide range of panels, profiles and parts to create the specific application for your requirements. Smooth T-slot profiles are frequently used in lab environments because they are easy to clean and prohibit dust and debris build up. Wires, cables and tubes can be ran directly through the T-slot channel, organizing the space and creating a safer environment.

Personalize to Your Needs

80/20 offers a sustainable, adaptable solution that doesn’t require specialized labor or a machine shop to make changes and modifications to applications. Use profiles, parts and accessories to create personalized lab and research stations as well as storage spaces, racks and carts. The design of the T-slot enables quick and easy placement of mounted accessories such as pumps or vacuums, and can be replaced in minutes with no lab disruption.

The flexibility of 80/20 products enable a collaborative research environment that allow multiple users to work within the same area. For instance, build mobile casework systems and height-adjustable laboratory benches. 80/20 can also be incorporated into existing structures and products, meaning you don’t have to start from scratch.

Free Design Tools For You

From a design perspective, you’ll benefit from our wide range of resources that allow you to test multiple build scenarios as well as optimize your applications. We offer free design tools such as AutoQuoter XII™ in conjunction with versions of AutoCAD® software as an easy-to-use interface, as well as several other software packages and a range of file formats.

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