Modern & Modular

Designed to Fit a Wide Range

You’re challenged with marketing a wide range of products and merchandise that vary in size, shape, and weight. This means that your fixtures and displays need to be functional and adaptable while also helping to promote brands and attract attention.

80/20 T-slot profiles, panels and parts have the benefit of being modular and adjustable, meaning when your display or fixtures need to change, 80/20 can easily accommodate. 80/20 products allow you to be creative and innovative while at the same time repurposing product as opposed to starting from scratch.

Long-Lasting Solutions

Because 80/20 profiles are made of aluminum they are a durable and long-lasting solution. They have an anodized finish and won’t chip, rust or corrode. What’s more, you can choose from a wide range of color options to suit your needs. This is especially useful in outdoor signs and fixtures.

Common Retail Applications Made With 80/20

  1. Custom Carts
  2. Displays
  3. Fixtures
  1. Racks
  2. Signs
  3. Shelves

80/20 is your one-stop-shop for retail fixture and display solutions. Beyond profiles and parts, you also have a wide variety of panels, mesh, and aluminum plates to choose from that can be seamlessly integrated into 80/20 T-slot profiles. This means if you need something weatherproof, see through, or even textured we’ve got you covered. To learn more about all of these options, visit our panel shop page.

Visit the Solutions page to see how 80/20 can be used in any industry.