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Studies show that well-executed lean initiatives can improve lead times and cut quality costs by half, increase productivity by as much as 30%, and reduce inventories up to 50%. Customized workstations are a way to assist with your lean program; they put the required materials and resources at the operator's fingertips. Lean workstations are strategically designed to create a space optimized for minimal wasted motion and effort.

80/20 products make it easy to build custom workstations to fit your specific needs; the aluminum T-slot system provides durability and strength, flexibility to make adjustments, and modularity for reconfiguration or expansion. We have technicians that will work with you to design your space with a focus on worker and process concerns, such as:

  1. Ergonomics
  2. Finding Tools Quickly
  3. Getting Parts Efficiently
  4. Reducing Steps
  5. Safety

Station Customization

80/20 offers a wide range of products and accessories, which means you get the best workstation to accommodate your specific application. Integrate bins for storage and organization or add casters to make your station mobile!

Create a workstation that can be adjusted up or down and use paneling to hold all your tools in their own spot. The T-slot allows you to incorporate computer systems or even create a pressure manifold.

This means a single hose can pressurize an entire frame, allowing you to add your tools wherever they are most convenient for your processes. Decrease the inherent risk involved with hanging hoses and tubes while also saving time and money on reduced maintenance.

80/20 workstations create organization, adaptability and an efficient, clean, clutter-free environment.

The Possibilities The Possibilities
  1. Add oil-resistant locking casters that can be swivel or rigid
  2. Include locking levers to allow height adjustments
  3. Incorporate pressure manifold plates
  4. Reconfigure applications to fit the person or process
  5. Use storage bins and color-coded accessories for organization
  6. Utilize pivot joints to mount adjustable computer monitors

White Paper

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Solutions Booklet

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Find out how you can "Cut Out Work With Your Workstation" with this infographic detailing the variety of options you have when using 80/20 and the statistics to support a modular solution.

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