Versatility Gives T-Slot Multiple Functions

The 80/20 T-slot system is commonly used for displays, frames or bases because profiles and parts are easily adjustable and strong yet lightweight while also providing a sleek, modern look. You’ll find that the aluminum profiles are long-lasting and don’t chip, rust, fade or corrode, making them suitable for both your indoor and outdoor applications.

T-slot profiles provide the customization and personalization the arts and entertainment industry is known for, while also having the practical attributes for functionality, such as the ability to recess wires and cables in the T-slot channel. This, as well as the inherently flexible and modular nature of 80/20 products, is especially useful in rigs and mounts for audiovisual equipment where the ability to adapt is imperative.

Integrate Into What You Have

80/20 is easily integrated into other materials and assemblies for those instances where you’re modifying an existing project or using a variety of mediums. Museums frequently use 80/20 products for displays because it adds a modern and sleek look, both on its own as well as when used with other resources such as wood or glass. 80/20 products are also reusable and can accommodate the changing nature of exhibit and project schedules.

  1. Art display installations
  2. Audiovisual equipment
  3. Camera rigs
  1. Museum displays
  2. Projector mounts
  3. Theater screens
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