T-Slot: The Right Fit

Made to Work With Your Systems

80/20 T-slot aluminum profiles are durable and built to withstand the repetitive motions inherent in pneumatic systems. Did you know that pneumatic components such as valves and actuators are designed to fit directly to a T-slot profile? T-slots can also be pressurized up to 150 psi.

Instead of modifying your equipment to fit a standardized frame, simply mount components wherever you need it directly along the T-slot. What’s more, this provides you with easy replacement of motors, gauges, vacuum systems or intake filters that wear over time, and enables simple maintenance with little downtime.

Multitude of Uses

While T-slots are incorporated into a multitude of uses in the pneumatics industry such as guarding and machine frames, another popular application is customized workstations. Because your processes, your people, and your equipment are unique, material handling solutions are most efficient when they are designed specifically for you and your resources.

80/20 offers a wide variety of pressure manifold feed and access plates as well as linear motion bearings and components to augment your pneumatic solution. From an air brake system to a compressed-air engine, use 80/20 for your customized project. Design the height and width for your equipment, personnel and materials. Add shelves and storage where you need it. You’ll be amazed at the possibilities when you take a look at our wide range of parts.

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