Adaptive to Change

Modify Processes to Suit Projects

Research projects and initiatives are in a constant state of flux. The very nature of testing and prototyping that universities devote their time and resources to require flexibility and adaptability.

80/20 enables you to scale your processes to conform to current projects. It also means that when the time comes to modify activities or redesign your space, you’ll be able to implement quickly and efficiently.

Safety, in terms of both people and property, is an important consideration when designing a lab or research area. 80/20 has a wide range of panels, profiles and parts to create the guard or enclosure that fits your requirements. Visit the Safety and Guarding section for more details and information on the benefits of 80/20 customized protection solutions.

Test With a Flexible Solution

It would be great if every experiment worked perfectly the first time. But we know this is very rarely the reality. The modularity of 80/20 products are perfect for testing and prototype projects. Make design changes quickly and without hassle. T-slot profiles, parts and panels are also reusable for projects down the road, reducing waste and cost.

80/20 offers a sustainable, adaptable solution that doesn’t require specialized labor or a machine shop to make changes and modifications to applications. Use profiles, parts and accessories to create personalized lab and research stations as well as prototypes, testing applications, storage spaces, racks and carts.

Facilities Solutions

80/20 products are also popular in office and building solutions as modern and sleek displays and fixtures. They are completely customizable, simple to integrate into existing materials, and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications such as furniture, storage units, exhibits, and signs.

The wide array of products, colors and shapes offered through 80/20 products and our in-house machining capabilities means you’ll get a unique solution that can be reused to fit your changing needs.

Visit the Solutions page to see how 80/20 can be used in any industry.