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The complexity of managing the movement, storage, protection and control of materials and products throughout the manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal lifecycle requires evolving equipment and resources.

The industry is challenged with finding more efficient, productive and adaptable ways to complete these tasks. Increasingly, material-handling activities are taking on a strategic role and aid in the reduction of inventory and the improvement of cycle times. These strategic goals must be balanced with ergonomic and safety initiatives.

Largest Product Selection

With 80/20 T-slot profiles and parts you can create customized carts, workstations, automated systems, conveyors, or racks that are designed around your specific parameters. 80/20’s construction system provides a wide product offering to accommodate all of your material handling needs. From T-slot profiles to mesh panels or casters and leveling feet, with 80/20 you have access to the widest product selection in the industry.

T-slot profiles are lightweight yet strong and enable you to mount accessories and components directly to your material handling applications. Add a computer monitor to your conveyor line or workstation, run cables and wires through the profile channel in a tool cart, or incorporate a camera mount to an inventory rack.

80/20 profiles and fasteners provide flexibility and adaptability for different personnel and operations. And as requirements, employees, and products expand and change over time, you can quickly and easily accommodate. 80/20 products are modular and reconfigurable; simple hand tools are all that you’ll need to make adjustments. This allows you to increase usable space, capacity and throughput, maximize storage and create a safer, ergonomic work environment.

  1. Articulating Arms
  2. Fixtures for Measuring Systems
  3. Framing for Filling Machines
  4. Industrial Manipulator Arms
  5. Material Handling Carts
  6. Storage Shelves and Enclosures
  1. Conveyors
  2. Lifting Systems
  3. Racking Systems
  4. Vacuum Lifters
  5. Vertical Lifts
  6. Workstations

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