80/20 On Display

Customize Your Message

Displays are all around you. Whether you need a tradeshow and exhibit booth, displays for the office waiting area or a new kiosk in a retail setting we have you covered. While they come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and are used for varying purposes, some things remain the same; you need options that are customizable, durable, reconfigurable, and aesthetic.

80/20 provides you with the widest variety of T-slot aluminum profiles, parts, panels, and accessories so that you can choose what fits best for your space, your brand, and your requirements. Choose from sleek black anodized profiles for that extra “wow” factor or incorporate a custom panel for a unique look.

You want your display to grab attention and convey the image of your brand. It needs to be appealing and engaging. The sleek and modern look of T-slot aluminum profiles coupled with the wide range of panel options that can be tailored to fit your colors and machined to your design, mean 80/20 displays, fixtures and exhibits get noticed. You can also choose our black anodized line of profiles or have them custom finished to tailor your needs.

Functionality with Appeal

80/20 provides you with a range of options when it comes to your storage and organization needs as well as products to personalize your applications and integrate wire and cable management accessories to maintain a clean look while also providing functionality. An added benefit of 80/20 T-slot profiles; you can run tubes and wires directly in the T-slot channel!

As merchandise, exhibits or processes change, your displays need to be able to accommodate. 80/20 profiles and products are modular, meaning they are easily reconfigured and can adapt to change quickly. This is also beneficial in instances where you want to try a few different options and configurations for your display.

For tradeshows and exhibits, time and cost factors mean you need a display that is easy to transport as well as simple to assemble and breakdown. With 80/20 products assembly is straightforward and quickly taken down when the show's over; simple hand tools are all that are required.

  1. Banner Stands
  2. Brochure Racks
  3. Display Showcases
  4. Exhibit Showcases
  5. Floor Sign Holders
  6. Gridwall Panel Displays
  7. Indoor Signage
  8. Point of Purchase Displays
  1. Reception Areas
  2. Retail Racks
  3. Shelves
  4. Tiered Tables
  5. Tradeshow Displays
  6. Wall Cases
  7. Wallmount Holders
  8. Whiteboards
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