Protection for Your People & Property

Meet OSHA Requirements

Personal and property safety initiatives are imperative in every business. Injury and hefty fines are results of inadequate preventative protection measures. Whether it’s a machine guard, storage enclosure or visual barrier, the application needs to fit to your equipment and your processes. It must accommodate maintenance and repairs, incorporate other safety components, and meet all OSHA requirements.

Customizable Products

80/20 Inc. offers a wide range of customizable products for the specific guarding and enclosure to limit your risks, damage, and expenses. The aluminum T-slot profile system allows you to mount additional safety components such as switches, security cameras, light relays, or locks.

It is a modular solution, meaning when equipment, inventory, personnel, or regulations change or evolve you simply reconfigure your existing design to accommodate.

  1. Adjustable, liftoff, and locking hinges
  2. Casters
  3. Handles for doors and access points
  4. Leveling feet
  5. Wide range of aluminum T-slot profiles for your light to heavy-duty needs
  6. Variety of panels, wire mesh and aluminum plates

When you need to keep people out and property in, custom guarding and enclosures aid in damage protection and loss prevention. Physical and visual barriers and enclosures set off important, delicate and valuable property and assist with inventory controls and reductions in costs. When you consider guarding, proactive protection should:

  1. Accommodate maintenance and repairs
  2. Easily incorporate other safety components
  3. Fit to your equipment and your processes
  4. Meet or exceed all OSHA regulations

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Safety & Guarding Requests

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