Layer of Protection

Aesthetic, Durable Coating

80/20’s standard finishing process begins with the raw aluminum product; we machine the part, vibratory finish and/or sand it (depending on the item), and then move it into the anodize-coating process.

The parts are given a visual inspection through each stage of the process to ensure high-quality and a consistent finish. It’s worth noting that 80/20 is one of the only T-slot providers in the industry with in-house anodizing capabilities.

Anodizing adds a protective coating on the surface of aluminum. This increases the longevity of the product as well as provides a more aesthetic appearance. The anodize results in a strong, hard, durable, weather-resistant barrier that doesn’t oxidize and is resistant to corrosion.

It holds up against abrasive cleaners and is perfect in high use applications. It is also unaffected by sunlight and durable in the elements, lending itself to outdoor applications where other materials can fade, corrode, chip and peel.

You’re not limited to the natural, or clear, anodize. We can provide you with any anodized color you need; match your profiles and parts with other applications.

Special Coating Service

Variety of Options to Fit Your Needs

We know there are times that you need an alternative finish for your product. 80/20’s special coating service allows you to integrate a variety of finishes into your project. Because designs may require diverse functionality, you need a range of options to accommodate your needs.

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