Slide Out of the Way

The rack is on glide rails, allowing it to slide away. You can even build it into a cabinet to hide clothes or quilting fabrics out of sight but still with easy access. Get rid of those inconvenient hanging racks that collapse and are a constant eye sore. This also makes it simple to find your sewing materials without digging through drawers and unfolding each item.

Suits Your Space

The glide rack can be designed to your exact height and space requirements. Make use of your vertical area so that you don’t have to eat up valuable floor space and add as many or few frames as you need. Incorporate whiteboards for an office setting or add pegboard for convenient tool storage in your garage.

Narrow ProfilesXDIY1705

Profiles are strong and durable yet thin and lightweight.

Made for Your MaterialsXDIY1705

Connector rods can be spaced to best suit your needs.

Custom DesignXDIY1705

Integrate as many or few frames as necessary to fit your requirements.

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