Slide Out of the Way

This worktable is made with storage shelves to transport your tools and equipment and set up shop when and where you need it. The extensions fold out effortlessly to provide a work surface up to almost 7 feet long and 4 feet wide to accommodate large and bulkier items. Fold them back down and store it away without eating up valuable floor space.


Durable and Built to Last

The mobile folding worktable is heavy-duty to withstand high use; the T-slot aluminum frame and high density polyethylene (HDPE) surfaces are resistant to rust, oil, chemicals and warping. The table is on locking swivel casters while the extension legs have leveling feet to accommodate any surface, even an uneven one.

Multipurpose SurfaceXDIY1706

HDPE top is rugged and corrosion resistant. It even serves as a dry erase board to jot notes and measurements while you work.

Perfectly Positioned ShelvingXDIY1706

Corner gusset fasteners allow you to easily reposition shelves to accommodate different equipment and supplies.

Space SaverXDIY1706

Extension sides fold up to provide a larger work area and down to stow away and save valuable floor space.

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