Optimize the Process

Tools Bundled to Speed Up Design

The 80/20 Tech Toolkit™ provides easy access in one convenient location to several design tools. These resources provide assistance to simplify and speed up design time when planning your 80/20 solution. The Tech Toolkit will help analyze your criteria, assist in profile selection and optimal fastening methods and create custom miter drawings.

  1. Analyze design criteria
  2. Assist in profile selection
  3. Convert units of measure easily
  4. Speed up design time
  5. Select fastening methods
  6. Create custom miter drawings

Start Designing Now

Browser-Based Design Tools

Installing the Tech Toolkit™ provides access to the Conversion and Deflection Calculators as well as the Miter Cut Worksheet. You can also access the Conversion and Deflection Calculators direct from the website.

Conversion Calculator

Click to use Conversion Calculator

Deflection Calculator

Click to use Deflection Calculator
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