CAD Direct

Expanding Support

Product files in 4 popular formats

80/20’s CAD Direct currently provides free access to entire profile groups or even thousands of products, including profiles and parts, with one simple download. We are continually expanding our support to help speed up and simplify your design process. Be sure to check back, as we will be adding product files to this list often.

Our goal at 80/20 is to provide you with the best support possible to bring your design to life. Below are the current formats CAD Direct supports. If there is a file format you need that is not currently available let us know; call us at 260-244-0848.

  1. AutoCAD® - DXF – 2D
  2. SolidWorks® 2013 – SLDPRT
  1. Inventor® - IPT File Format
  2. SketchUp – SKP File Format
  1. SolidWorks® - Dynamic Library
  1. SolidWorks® - Weldments
Click here to download entire profile groups in a specific file format