Shipping Schedule

Assuming that your order is ready for processing (including all drawings and worksheets), and based on the modified schedule above, the shipping schedule chart outlines 80/20’s processing time and when you can expect your order to be shipped from 80/20’s facility.

Order Type

In-House Processing Days

  • Parts only


  • Cut to length T-slotted profiles (with or without parts)

  • Cut to length mill-finish structural shapes


  • Parts, panels, and T-slotted profiles with standard machining in addition to cuts


  • Order sizes over $10,000


Black Anodize Orders

In Addition to the Processing Days Shown Above

  • Parts only

  • Cut to length profiles less than or equal to 60"

  • Mill-finish shapes less than or equal to 60"


  • Profiles less than or equal to 60" with machining

  • Aluminum panels with or without machining 24" X 60" or less


  • Cut to length or machined profiles greater than 60"

  • Mill-finish shapes greater than 60"

  • Aluminum panels with or without machining greater than 24" X 60"


The following information applies when you are ordering online or direct through 80/20 Inc. If you have ordered through your 80/20 Distributor, please contact your distributor directly.

Preferred Carrier
To ensure timely and safe delivery of your products 80/20 works with UPS. This carrier understands and has committed to our high level of quality and customer service. They make daily scheduled pick-ups. If you have a transportation company you prefer to use we will work with you to accommodate.

If you need your order even faster than these timeframes, be sure to visit our Sudden Service page and talk to a customer service representative to evaluate your specific needs.

Standard Transit Map

Shipping Table

Maximum Size
For online orders there is a maximum shipping length of 102 inches for profiles and structural shapes. Panels, mesh and aluminum plates have a maximum weight of 150 pounds, based on the greater of the product weight or the finished packaged girth. To order profiles, panels, mesh, and aluminum plates that exceed these maximums, please contact 80/20 Customer Service at 844.802.0932.

Damaged or Lost Shipments
Check your order immediately upon receipt. All damages must be noted on the packing slip and bill of lading. All shipping discrepancies must be reported to 80/20 Inc. via phone at 844.802.0932 within 14 days of receipt of your order. Keep all damaged goods for inspection.