80/20's panel selection

Meeting the Need

Personalized For Your Project

We have dedicated space, personnel, and routers to make sure you receive quality products to your exact specifications. 80/20’s state-of-the-art equipment provides high-tolerance cutting, smooth edge radius milling, wire shearing, and engraving services.

Variety of Machining

  1. Cut to Size
  2. Custom Designs
  3. Engraving
  4. Lettering
  1. Notching
  2. Perforating
  3. Recessing
  4. Much More!

Our equipment has the technology necessary to send your design files directly to the machines, ensuring accuracy and reducing turnaround times. Create the custom shape, access point, enclosure or barrier that you need to complete your build.

Streamlined Services

streamlined machining services

Another benefit; our large offering of standard machining services streamlines and simplifies both the quoting and ordering process.

This helps support large runs of similar materials, providing you cost-effective, fast, quality results without having to find a separate shop to do the machine work.

If you require something we don’t stock, we’ll source it for you; work with just one vendor to consolidate your processes.

Need to find the perfect option? Use our panel Selector.