Your Time is Money

Save Them Both With 80/20 Builds

The 80/20 Builds service was created to help you increase your productivity. We have a team comprised of dedicated and experienced technicians that optimize designs, build projects and ship them safely and damage-free. Our tools and resources ensure precise assembly to your exact specifications.

It stands to reason that, on average, we can assemble your project in about a quarter of the time it takes someone who doesn’t build with 80/20 day in and day out. Consider all the other projects and tasks that can be done in that time!

Tailored to Your Needs

80/20 Builds Standard Assembly Types

You have three service options to choose from to fit your needs and requirements: preloading, subassembly, or full assembly. Click on the assembly types below for additional details.


We prep your fasteners and plates with the required hardware for quick installation.


We build your project into segments that can be easily and quickly assembled later on.

Full Assembly

Your project is completely built, shipped, and ready to use when it arrives at your door.